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2003 Kawasaki Prairie 650 4x4

From The Manufacturer:

The Prairie 650 4x4 is Kawasaki's flagship sport utility ATV. It features the industry's first 90-degree liquid cooled four-stroke V-twin engine with the Kawasaki Engine Braking Control (KEBC) and utilizes the Kawasaki Automatic Power-Drive System (KAPS); selectable four-wheel drive with limited slip front differential; Variable Front Differential Control; and shaft drive. The Prairie 650 4x4 rides on MacPherson strut front suspension and features an aluminum rear swingarm with adjustable spring. Dual-piston front disc brakes and an exclusive sealed, oil-bathed, multi-disc rear brake provides abundant stopping power. Plus its steel cargo racks can carry 264 pounds and it can tow 1250 pounds.   2003 Kawasaki Prairie 650 4x4
Reviews Reliability Performance Comfort Quality Overall
2  4  5  4.5  3.5  5 

Rider Reviews

Prairie 650 4X4
Name:  jg




Ratings (5 is best)

Date:  2006-05-31




185   Reliability: 4
Other Rides:  Performance: 5
Price Paid:  Comfort: 5
Pros:  fast, good suspension Quality: 3
Cons:  Overall: 5
Description:  Man these things are fast and smooth! Like riding a jet ski on a smooth lake. It's power and speed make for a great ride    
650 Prairie Awsome ride
Name:  Phil




Ratings (5 is best)

Date:  2011-08-30



  Reliability: 4
Other Rides:  Blaster, Warrior, Polaris 500 & 700, Wolverine, 660 Grizzely Performance: 5
Price Paid:  Comfort: 4
Pros:  Fast strong power band, Smooth power great combines sport with utlity Quality: 4
Cons:  Overall: 5
Description:  I purchased mine new in 2002, haven owned many others and riding the 40 miles of trails behind my house with alot of other machines and friends (as well as riding thier quads a few others have Brute forces) I can say this until I rode the 750 brute force is one of the best quads I have owened. with over 500 long hard hours on it of trail riding and working hauling hunting stuff in and out of the timber it has only required one belt change and thats it. I don't think the other 2 people who rated it even owned one as everyone else I know who has one loves thiers, (3 other people). The only thing I would trade it for would be the 750 Brute force with EFI. I've has CV probelms with my Sprtsmans, and grizzlys, and will never touch another 700 polaris again to many engine problems. This is the only one I have kept through all the others and it gets rode non-stop by everyone. Take it from an actual owener who has had many quads this one is hard to beat!    

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Questions and Answers

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Question: I have a 2003 650 prarie and im having problems with switching in and out of 4wd the dash is switching back and forth from 2 to 4 and the book said to replace the acuator so i did 240$ later and it still doesnt work can anybody help me in the right direction please. - Robert Mace, Hardin , Missouri   - answer this question...

Answer: You have to reset the switch once it has been activated. On mine i just had to take the cover off where the belt is and there was a switch that was tripped. I think you have a grey wire harness and a black harness underneath the shifter handle. U have to unplug both of them and swap them around. Plug the black to the grey and the other two needs to be plugged together. Then turn the key on and the dash lights will flicker a couple times then turn the key off unplug both of the harness from each other and plug the colors back together. Black to black and grey to grey. Then try to crank it and see what happens. - Terry Pitts, west point, Mississippi

Question: how do you time a kawasaki 650 4x4 2003 model - William Gilbert, London, Kentucky   - answer this question...

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